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02 December 2010 09:00-13:00

09:00 – 10:15   » Workshop 2:  “Research, Technology and Innovation in Aeronautics”              

The strengthening of internal EU competition is the new yardstick for the future of European research funding. This must be properly taken into account for the forthcoming FP8. ACARE will promote an aggressive innovation policy and pursue a holistic approach from basic research to the implementation of R&D results to developing lead markets with a clear aim to facilitate and promote tomorrow’s Air Transport through newly defined key technologies and concepts, including, but to limited to, co-modality.

Moderator: Mr. François Quentin, ACARE


Mr. Rudolf Strohmeier (European Commission), Mr. Eric Dautriat (Cleansky), Mr. Müller-Wiesner (EADS)


09:00 – 10:15   » Workshop 3:  “Space – Applications to the benefit of the citizens”

The development of Space applications, once driven by the availability of new technologies, is now user driven. This is particularly true in the area of public services with the emergence of promising initiatives for climate change monitoring or Environment protection where Space brings unique remote sensing capabilities.This workshop shall review the status of currently on-going initiatives, as well as the expected development of integrated applications.

Moderator: Mr. Jean-Jacques Tortora,EUROSPACE


Mr. Edgar Thielmann (European Commission), Mr. Mauro Facchini (European Commission), Mr. Giuseppe Viriglio (Telespazio), Mr. Yves Blanc (EUTELSAT), Mr. André Jadot (EARSC)


10:15 – 10:45   » Coffee Break

10:45 – 12:00  »Workshop 4 - Aeronautics: “Vision 2050 + Economic Development”                  

Who would dare make a guess about the European aeronautics' situation in 40 years from now on? Although a simple and accurate extrapolation will not produce sustaining results, some trends are already visible today. This workshop shall discuss serious concerns and address some possible measures to maintain the competitiveness of the European aerospace economy.

Moderator: Mr. Georges Bridel, EADS


Mr. Armin Reller (University Augsburg), Mr. Joachim Sauer (Airbus), Mr. Thomas Jung (Acutronics), Mr. Michel Peters (NLR), Mr. Sergey Chernyshev (TsAGI)

10:45 – 12:00   » Workshop 5 - Space: “Vision for the future”

In this workshop it is intended to address steps which need to be undertaken to meet the requirements of the diversified space activities in Europe. Leading space figures will envision the evolution in the next 20 years of European space strategy, European launchers, European space exploration initiatives, ESA/EU/EDA cooperation on product non-dependence and procurement policy, and European approach to space innovation.

Moderator: Mr. Constantinos Stavrinidis, ESA


Mr. Yves Blanc (EUTELSAT), Mr. Jacques Breton (Arianespace), Mr. Thomas Reiter (DLR), Mr. Reinhard Schulte Braucks (EC), Mr. Patrice Brudieu (CNES), Mr. Michel Courtois (ESA)

12:15 – 12:45  » Conclusions

Close of the conference 


Mr. Evert Dudok (CEO Astrium Satellites & President EUROSPACE)

Mr. Francois Gayet (Secretary General, ASD)


Close of the Conference 



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